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05/29/2023 Hey Dennis, My guitar instructor told me that he has been recommending the Zager EZ Play guitar to all of his other students ever since he saw and played my ZAD20. Thank you for all your support. It's not only the guitar, but the service that separates you guys from the rest of them. You guys make people feel good about doing business with Zager Guitar. The no BS guarantee is genius and I didn't even need to use it because I am head over heels for this guitar. I just wanted you to know you're doin' great! Thanks again!
Tony Moore
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

05/26/2023 Dear Dennis: I am a member on the website and am so thankful for all the lessons on the website, and above all my beloved 80CEOM Zager Guitar. You probably get this all the time, but I am originally from Lincoln and my parents and brother still live there. I took lessons from Denny in the late 70's and early 80's (somewhere in my teens). In fact, I still have several of his original handwritten lessons. Still two of my favorites to play are "Yesterday" and "Killing Me Softly". I learned more from Denny in the small amount of time I was with him, than I did from instructors 10 years prior to him (I started when I was 8). He was such a great teacher! Thank you very much Dennis.
Kelly Decker-Bendiksen
Fairhaven, Massachusetts

05/25/2023 Good evening... I remember when I purchased my ZAD-20, you guys were fantastic. I have had my ZAD-20 since March of 06 and honestly it is the most wonderful guitar. I have some friends from church who play in the worship service who play with Larivees. They all absolutely love the feel and sound of my ZAD-20. I tell everyone I know who plays about Zager Guitar Company. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service.
Brad Krick
Chicago, Illinois

05/24/2023 Dennis, Well, my Zager arrived. How exciting! This guitar is great to hold. I just love looking at it. Once I start learning to play, I know I will appreciate it even more. My uncle says I got really lucky with this Zager. He has a $1100 Martin and told me mine plays easier then his. I think my Dad is also secretly jealous he didn't get a Zager 80. Anyways, I will write back once I really get to know her. Thanks again you guys.
Luke Engleton
Fresno, California

05/22/2023 Dennis, I've been strumming and fingerpicking and it sounds great and is so easy to play. I usually play electric but I've played acoustic for years too. I needed an acoustic electric to play out at the gigs our band does. I'll use it at home unplugged and there is nothing like a nice acoustic. And for that price you can't go wrong. I was using a medium pick very gently strumming and playing single note runs and what struck me when I did some hammer ons was the ease of doing them on this neck. And the clarity of the note. Fingerpicking was nice too. I just gotta get more accustomed to it. I'll play this guitar a lot. The case is great too. Thank you again.
Tim Fitz
Nashville, Tennessee

05/22/2023 Hi Denny: I wanted you to know that I purchased my first guitar from you more than two years ago (DM-1)and placed an order for another guitar yesterday. I ordered the Zager EZ-Play ZAD 20CE Sunburst. I've also subscribed to your on-line instructional system a while back. It has been great. Your string science was something I had been searching for a long time. It has enabled me to play something I never could, bar chords! More than that, I've also liked finger picking because it gives you the "whole song." Thanks again for making my guitar's action as low as possible. Your guitars have actually made my life a little better in the last 2 years because I have found a new lifelong hobby that makes me happy. This guitar is so easy to play and makes me even happier because it was such a deal compared to the Martin I was admiring at the music store for a couple months. Warm Regards from A Happy Zager Owner,
Frank Agosta
Memphis, Tennessee

05/19/2023 Hi, Dennis I'll tell you what.......I have never had this kind of customer service before. I can tell you guys run a very good and honest company. Plus, I haven't recieved my guitar yet and Iím writing this! Wow! I have taken the time to shop around, both online and in person, and realized this is the best route to go. Your testimonials are amazing, and knowing somebody that already has a Zager, I know they're real. I'll be talking to you later, Dennis, take care and thanks so much! Thanks again
Danny Locsin
Albuquerque, New Mexico

05/16/2023 First of all, I want to thank you for all the extra time and attention you gave me during this purchase cycle. So nice to deal directly with the owners. In today's global market place "it's priceless" Wow! What a lovely well made guitar this is. Easy play set up is for real and anyone will find this guitar a pleasure to play. The African Mahogany sides and back have nice deep rich grain. Sitka Spruce top was well matched. High gloss finish gives this guitar an expensive look and feel I just love. Over all attention to detail is high quality. I have shown my guitar to numerous friends.... Everyone was impressed with it's expensive look and full balanced sound. Electronic preamp Fishman 60 Clearwave works really great! Only used the tuner twice as the guitar has stayed in tune. My older brother Jim, who has played drums professionally as long as your father has played (55yrs) .... He had this to say; Wow the strings are nice and close to the threts... how much did this cost you.... What do think I paid for it i said.... You can't find something this nice under a $1.200.00. The Zager's offers the best online price - performance anywhere... Believe me I have shopped all over the internet.... Nothing comes close to The Zager guitars. I look forward to my online guitar training classes through with your father's. After not playing for 18 years, I have fell in love with playing all over again. Just can't stop picking up my new Zager guitar. (Thank you again) Yes.... I have already waxed my Ax with high quality guitar wax.... Funny thing... still look the same as it arrived. Your customer service is the best I have dealt with, very fast, effective and supportive... You get 5 stars here Dennis. Thank You, and please thank all the employee's who make this guitar package possible.
William Thompson
Stevensville, Michigan

05/14/2023 I received the guitar and its great. In fact better than anything I've ever played. Awesome sound on my AER amp and brilliant setup.
Jan-Egil Mosand
Jacksonville, Florida

05/14/2023 I received my Zager 900CE guitar awhile ago and have played it with my worship band in church since, and haven't looked back. It is a very fine guitar I have no complaints but only praise. I have been playing since the Beatles landed here in '62 and have not played, let alone owned, such a beautiful easy playing guitar. I own many guitars from Gibson to Hagstrom and still have not played anything so easy on the fingers and sound so beautiful, a tone with quality that surpasses any well known manufacturer or brand, and the tone is so fine with a top of the line heavy bass that just resounds an articulate melodius feel, it sends chills up my spine. Now, I have many beautiful guitars in my collection, but none so attractive than my Zager 900CE. It is the envy of all my friends that own Martin's, Gibson's, etc. I would recommend a Zager over anything else, for now I am a beilever that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars for quality, sound and beauty. You have the attention of all my friends and I can predict that they will be looking for a Zager of their own
Raleigh, North Carolina

05/14/2023 Zager Guitars, What can I possibly say that would describe my amazement when I first heard and played this work of art at QUAD Studios in Nashville, Tennessee while producing Doug Kershaw and The Kentucky Headhunters. After years of using Takamine, and Martin acoustic guitars to get the full sound that I needed, and many times having to double track the acoustic track in order to get it full sounding, in comes this (unknown to me) guitar. From the first take we all could hear the difference, the sound was rich, clean and more so it was that full sound all producers look for in the studio and more importantly it didn't need multi takes to get it!!!! It was from that moment on, that I swore I would never use any other acoustic guitar for recording again other than Zagers.
Doc Holiday
Newport News, Virginia

05/10/2023 just thought I'd drop a line to let you know how astonished I was at the superb tone and quality of the 80-CE guitar I just received. I have played guitar (electric and acoustic) for about 20 years now, and have owned nearly 20 vintage and new guitars. The sound and build of this guitar - cedar top (wise choice), rosewood back and sides, abalone trim, binding - are all top quality. It holds up to my Gibson J-200 in tone, and is of comparable quality to the high end Martins I have played (and nearly bought - luckily I found you first). The 80CE is easily one of the best playing acoustics I have touched. My wife was not happy I had bought "yet another" acoustic since I didn't really need one, until she heard the Zager; then she understood.
Chris La Jaunie
New York, New York

05/08/2023 a couple of weeks ago I spent some serious time at a National Guitar Center. I played all the top dollar Gibsons, Takamines, Yamahas, and Martins. Some , of course, were very nice guitars, but in all honesty, none of them sounded as nice ( or looked as nice ) as my new ZAD-80CE. You guys are the BEST, keep up the good work !
Ron Zahller
Yuma, Colorado

05/07/2023 I have in my possession a tremendous instrument that I hope will last me a lifetime. I have picked up a number of much more expensive guitars, but none that surpass my Zager ZAD-80CE. It is a thing of beauty, but with a sound quality and ease of play that are second to none!
Ralph D Polson
Spartanburg, South Carolina

05/04/2023 I just received my Zager Guitar and I felt obligated to let all posible buyers out there know that these Guitars are the REAL DEAL. With the 100% money back guarentee I felt like I had nothing to lose. My guitar instructer has been playing guitars and teaching professional guitar players for over 20 years. I had asked him about purchasing a new guitar and he recomended at the time a Martin D-28. When I brought my new guitar to my lesson this week, he was so amazed by the quality, the sound, and how easy it was to play. He said that he will now recomend the Zagar company to anybody in the market of purchasing a new guitar. In less than a week my quality of guitar playing has already improved. Save yourself the money and buy a $ 2,000 guitar for under a $ 1,000 with the case. What a great experiance it has been. Thank you so much!
Paul Davids
Tempe, Arizona

05/04/2023 I finally got it today and I was soooooooooo happy about the playability and the sounds better than my friend $2000 guitar, and also another friends $1200 cort. And its so much lighter than my previous guitar...Fender GDC-200 SCE. But the most important fingers doesnt hurt, I dont need to press the strings too hard !!!! I cant really explain how good the guitar is since I am just a hobbyist, but by feeling this is by far the best guitar I have ever played......I just wish...I could get to know Zager guitars earlier. But seriously, for anyone who is skeptical, just buy it its risk free anyways! THANK YOU ZAGER!!! YOU ROCK!!!!
Lexinton, Kentucky

05/04/2023 I received the Zager 900CE today and it is a beautiful guitar, Iím not a professional guitar player but I enjoy picking out songs by ear. I have a total of 7 guitars that include a Gibson J185, a Martin DM acoustic, a 1970 Framus acoustic, a Sigma electric,( Greg Bennett design,) a Gretsch acoustic electric, and a Takamine acoustic electric. When I took the Zager 900CE out of that very nice hard case I gave it a quick tune up and was pleasantly surprised at how nicely and smoothly this guitar plays. The tone is wonderful and I love it. Looking at this guitar is like looking at a piece of art. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.Thank you and keep up the great work.
Frank Bennett
Minneapolis, Minnesota

05/01/2023 Greetings from Central Florida, I received my ZAD20CE, and I have to say it "is" everything everyone raves about. The action is a pleasurable experience, light and easy, the sound is outstanding, as is the projection of sound from the instrument. Like others state, I have tried guitars of top quality in time, but nothing is near the pleasant, pleasing attributes of this guitar. The Zager guitar is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks to all who brought it into being what it is. I love it!
Pete Fitschen
Des Moines, Iowa

04/28/2023 I'm a veteran guitar player for over 35 years and I've never had an experience like this with a new guitar ease of playability right out of the box. It was even already tuned and kept its tune in transit! I own over 100 guitars in my collection, most of the acoustics are high-end Martins, Ovations, Yamahas, Takamines, etc. Some have been reworked at a high cost to fit my personal style for best action by highly respected luthiers in our area. I've just received my new Zager ZAD-20CE and have directly compared action with the best guitars I have, and I'm pleased to report the Zager is a hands-down winner! This guitar wasn't even personally fit to me. I'm amazed at the difference! Fast chord progressions are a snap, proving the spacing of the strings are ergonomically balanced to be complementary with human hand anatomy. Makes me wonder why other guitar manufacturers have missed the importance of ease of play for out of the box. The fit and finish is second to none. Its a truly a beautiful guitar to look at from any angle as well as very close up. No flaws anywhere and even the wood grain is perfect. The well-placed subdued abalone inlays are special touch, providing a distinctive appearance over other guitars The sound, whether you're plugged in or not, is also incredible and compares with my high-end Martins that cost me thousands more. The accurately balanced treble and bass assist with strumming or finger-picking to allow the player the ease of flexibility needed for the performance level-intended accents. I splurged and also got the hardcase with the humidifier - turns out to also be a good investment and one I would definitely recommend with the purchase of a Zager guitar. I'm very pleased with my investment in my Zager and am convinced this is really a first class company offering guitars that compare with the very best in the industry.
Gary Wierman
Cleveland , Ohio

04/26/2023 Oh my gosh. What a beautiful instrument. Delivered quickly, carefully packaged, and I was not ready for what I found when I opened the case. I have been playing since my 13th birthday, that was in 1966. I've had numerous instruments through the years. Some I have kept for more than 20 years. This is the nicest guitar I have ever touched, held, or had the pleasure to play. Can't believe I only recently found out about you. This axe is exquisite. Plays better than my $2700 Martin. Plays better than my $3000 Adamas. Looks better than any guitar I have ever laid eyes on. I feel honored to own such a wonderful piece of equipment. Thank you, thank you. I can not imagine anyone of any playing ability or level that would not LOVE this guitar. You guys are the best. I am a very happy customer.
Mike Riggle
Orlando, Florida

04/25/2023 Thank you for your reply to my question. I now feel blessed to have learned of you in time and have my ZAD 80 CE. I am just learning to play and started in March of 2007 just before purchasing my Zager. A friend of mine has a dozen or more guitars including Martins, a Huss Dalton, Collings, several Gibsons and more. Some of them are very high dollar instruments which he has let me play. The ZAD 80 CE is better quality has a better sound and plays easier than any of his guitars. I just can't thank you enough for the quality instrument you have been making. May the Lord Bless and keep you all.
Sandy Fair
Oberlin, Kansas

04/24/2023 I am proud to own and play this Zager guitar. I just recently got into playing guitar at the age of 54. The ZBB has a rich deep sound and I can actually feel the resonance through the back of the guitar into my body. The first day I played it- just last week- I could not only feel this music going into me I noticed how much easier it is to play over my fist guitar, a G series Takamine made of flame maple, it has a bright sound, with not nearly as much bass response. In the few weeks I have been playing guitar I have visited two of our local shops for a national guitar chain and have picked up no less that 40 different guitars to see just how well they sound and how easy they are to play. Priced from $69.00 to $2600+. I am no expert but to my ears my ZBB plays easier and sounds just as good if not better than guitars in the $1000.00+ range. I won't mention all the big and small name guitars I have played but really I think I would have to spend well over $1200.00 to get this quality sound and then there were only a couple (very expensive) that I could feel the resonance through the back of the guitar and into my body and that had the base response of my ZBB. I studied them hard to really get the feel for each one and try to figure out why they play and sound like they do. It is only the very expensive ones that project the bass and then carry the sound through the guitar like my Zager Parlor does. As far as customer service goes I had a concern about my guitar and sent Dennis an email tonight late in the evening here in Ca and not only did I get one response back tonight but several with the invitation to keep asking questions if I needed to. And I got all this help even though I am the second owner of this guitar. I can see myself making music for many years to come with this guitar. A word about quality of workmanship, this is a well built guitar and the fit and finish is top notch. Yes I have plans to get a ZAD 20CE from you in the future to add to my list of guitars. And I would recommend you and your guitars to anyone in a heartbeat.
Mark Ayers
Flagstaff, Arizona

04/22/2023 Dennis, Landon loves his new guitar. He has been playing it alot and his guitar teacher said it was a great guitar (we already knew). Last night we met Dave Matthews and he signed Landon's guitar right under your name. I have registered Landon on your site under my email address and we plan very soon to sign up for the online lessons. I like the guitar so much, I'll be buying one for myself soon (I have 3 guitars already, but I can't get over the action on this ZAD 20!) so Landon and I can play together. Thank you for your wonderful service and the amazing quality of your instruments. Best
Stevan & Landon Page
Houstin, Texas

04/22/2023 Hello I have a ZAD20 acoustic and just wanted to message you and say this is the best guitar I've ever owned. Thanks,
James Eckerly
Manchester, New Hampshire

04/19/2023  Denny, I received my ZAD 80CE close to 2 months ago now and can not but it down. I have been playing about four years. I have a Fender, Washburn, and have played some Martin guitars. This is the best one of all. Thanks for your support and keep up the great work. I know this is an old story but it would cost so much more for the same quality of guitar and so I am so glad I found you guys.
Mike Oliver
Lees Summit, Missouri

04/16/2023 Hello Dennis, thanks for my brand new guitar. It just got here today and I really like those picks, large enough to hang on to and flexible to double pick. I even use them with my electric guitars. I was checking out your Web Site and found out some about your Dad, how cool is that he was asked to play at Woodstock. I would have seen him there if he had, I was there the whole duration of it. Just went there to party, didn't realize we were making history, but it WAS a blast. Hey, tell your Dad I congratulate him on his design for those guitars. They have improved my playing big time and now I play my guitar every day. Thanks again Dennis.
Kenny Jackson
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

04/14/2023 Dennis, I got the 80CE today; all I can say is WOW! Yeah, suddenly I donít miss the Martin D45 so much! I will be sending a raving review to another website about you guys, not that you need another! ;) Itís so nice to know there are a couple of folks that still operate on a customer satisfaction first basis. You answering my questions within the hour- thatís unheard of anymore! I wish you and yours all the best success in all endeavors! Gratefully,
Dan & Tracey Weber
New York City , New York

04/14/2023 Hello Dennis, I received the guitar today and what a suprise to see my new guitar with no dents or chips from shipping in the case! I have seen some nice guitars before, but not anything I could afford. I am totally thrilled with the quality of my new guitar. It is not a campfire guitar by any means. I am sitting here now enjoying my new fine easy playing guitar... With zero finger pain. What a delight. Again, thank you very much for getting me this brand new guitar, and what a pleasure dealing with you and your wonderful company. Yours truly,
Richard Hall
Boise, Idaho

04/14/2023 Dennis, My Zager is definitely the best guitar I've ever played. The Alvarez I already own is already up for auction. No regrets there, I'll just get another Zager, probably the 80! I can't thank you enough. I am really enjoying your Dadís lessons. I appreciate the support that you company gives, it is very unusual these days to have people who really seem to care about their customers. I can see why you have so many happy customers now! Take care. Regards,
Bob Byrd
Phoenix, Arizona

04/10/2023 Dear Zager, I received my ZAD-20 last week and i love's everything you said it would be (and way more in my opinion!). A friend from church stopped over to approve of my new purchase and he ended up playing it for an hour, he loved it so much. Never know, he may have liked it so much he'll turn in his beloved Martin for a Zad 80! Anyways, I have watched your "help videos" about all the ways to take care of this beauty of a guitar and it's been very helpful. Thanks,
Ric Dirting
Little Rock, Arkansas

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